Blank Text #22

“Beautifully crafted ideas shape society, add value and signal change.”

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Blank Answers

Dutch graphic design graduate student Patrick Rijks got in touch with Blank for an interview about the creative practice and the design scene in Portugal. He asked pertinent questions and the Blank answers follow:

Can you give us a small introduction of yourself?
I’m a designer and art director at Blank, working for private clients and collaborating with design studios. Blank independent design consultancy focuses on making tailored projects, approaching each one individually, with a concept oriented, analytical thinking mind. By filling the blanks with fresh, provocative ideas, Blank intends to bring content into the table and create messages that will resonate.

In general, there are too many designers and agencies. What makes your studio successful and what has been the biggest challenge?
The main challenge when you start out has to do with creating a good client portfolio. In the beginning, self-initiated projects can build up a bridge to create a solid client base. Creating work that answers the client’s needs and is also relevant in the wider design context can make you an asset and a reliable reference. Drive, good work ethics and maintaining sustainable relationships with clients and collaborators are imperative in a practice that is directed to the people.

Who are your typical clients?
I’ve been working in a variety of projects for a variety of clients, from smaller to bigger structures. That’s what keeps it interesting for me, as every project is a new challenge.

Which client or project has been the most successful or enjoyable?
Behind every project there’s a story. Whenever I look into a project, I always remember the creative process, the project development, its little idiosyncrasies, the collaboration with client/partners, the circumstances that unfold during the course of the project and the solutions you find along the way to try to make it work. I enjoy all stages of the creative process when developing a project and never only see the outcome result. Recently, the Blank projects for which I’ve developed a custom typeface have been very well received and a pleasure to create.

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Base Poster


Blank joined Base to create some words of wisdom for their Five-Minute Posters.
They’re a series of typographic works, honoring the history of text-based posters and messaging, intended to communicate a bit of wisdom in a fast consumption rapport. The point blank text over a blank canvas is the perfect medium to messages that will resonate. Take a look at all of Blank Mottoes to the creative process.

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Blank Text #21

“The best way to learn it is to do it.”

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Blank at Typography Meeting


Blank will be present at the III Typography Meeting, an event happening on the 5-6th of October at Almeida Garrett Library in Porto, exhibiting two typographical projects — Sky High visual identity + Licht Punt typeface and Rosetta Type Collection. This conference edition, under the general theme of Convergences, intends to be center of discussion and reflection on typographical research and development. The event will be complete with an exhibition, workshops and talks from keynote speakers Dino dos Santos from DSType, Catherine Dixon, Fred Smeijers and Eduardo Manso.

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Blank Text #20

“The most unpromising briefs lead you to have the most creative approach to a project.”

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Client Love Letter


The letterhead displaying Rosetta typeface unveils a client love letter and a glance at a new Blank project.
It’s gratifying to assist a client’s overwhelming feeling of satisfaction with the outcome result of a project.
When Blank makes tailored projects, the principle applies not only when designing graphics but in the attentiveness to the client’s needs and aspirations. No matter how big or small the project, if we’re able to transcend the mark to a place of absolute joy and exceed the client’s expectations, our job is done!

Truly, madly, deeply — ”Love makes them brave. Excitement makes them think bigger & longer term. Once a client knows true love he’ll always come back.” by Kate Nielsen at Wolff Olins

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