Burning of the flame

The butterfly taunts the candle light
An everlasting flaming dance
Forever heady, forever turns
He came to me drawn by the light
But when he gets too close he burns

A candle loses none of its light
By lightning another candle
He came to me in a dark night
Caged by demons inside
I desired to cast all shadows away
For in me he saw the light

Nothing comes close to this consuming fever
I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life
Fiery desire growing higher
From the ground up the spine
Lifting me up and down
Flying in circles all around

We danced forever more closely
No rest to my soul
A never ending circle
Furious as the fire burns on
Hush for the rush is high
All fire needs is air to fly

When the morning sun rises
Our star is still shining
For every time my heart would scream
The worlds I kept silent
In fear you’d run with it
To never be coming

For every time he’d come too close
He’d start burning
For every time he’d come too close
He’d hold back
In fear he’d always be coming
In need of fire to fall back.

Pushing closer and loving the distance
Caught in a circle that keeps on a loop
I remain on building card castles
Only to see them fall away
As light in a dark cluttered room
Keeps watching shadows play

I’m a pure lyrical soul
You feed little white lies
A delusional pretense
As poison turns fire into ice
Dangerous game to play with desire
When it’s I who provides the fire

Faith and fable
You keep telling tales
From China to Babylon
You think only of me
Trickery in disguise, fickle wordplay
While I dream only of you lying with me

A crime of passion as fire burns on
Innocence is lost into the dark
On and off, our love is left unturned
You don’t belong to whom you hold on
Dancing the night away
I’ll keep my burning flame

Thought I could see you through
Beyond the facade, predict your next mood
Entranced, tied up and tangled
Burned by the flame
It’s yours the all consuming desire
Which makes you to be the slave

Looking for a glimpse of light in the dark
Craving the satisfaction
The fervent consumption of a passion
A glance at love
A night for a day, a pray
Let there be light!

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