Eye~Spy: System Parameters

Being anonymous means being an element in a whole. It means sharing a collective space without any obligation of exposure. It means walking down the street not looking in the eye of other anonymous. Time crosses void at this non-places where we all pass through. Looking for a sign as a direction.
How to apart private space from public space? In a society that aims the dissipation of all barriers — time, space, mass — the reality and the virtual solve into each other, as any other chemical substance into our blood. At any attempt to cut flesh surface, what is external becomes internal. The body reacts. Reduce to cell. Reduce to pixel. The lowest particle of a whole.

“Alone a pixel is powerless. It is a character that only has value seen as a part of a large crowd.” Maeda@Media

You’ll be watched at every move. You’ll be watched at every thought. At arrival and departure places. There is a global conscience that controls the system. And then, your place of destination suddenly changes. The body as a arrival place. The body as a departure place. The body as a non-place. The body as the ultimate place of existence. The airport is an universal sign of lost identity and standard behavior, it is a symbol of progress in a collective memory: the anonymous meeting point.

Image is the first thing that pops up into the eye. Nobody reacts to the static anymore. The medium generation needs continuous visual stimulation. The spectator sits in front of a big screen absorbing all its information without questioning it. Images become fast-food of today’s society. They are easily consumed and thrown out. Images equal metaphors to inner-body emotions, scents, flavors and voices of our individual memory, that become standard information of the collective voice.

The voice-off is a global state of consciousness. The collective thought promoted by mass medium. The machine, as a system, sends subliminal personal messages to a large audience. The system’s voice becomes our inner-voice. Your daily routine, a secret ritual that no-one assists to except yourself, turns into mechanical movements done in auto-pilot.

Cctv cameras break space barriers when invade the ultimate private place. Our body is the closed circuit that no one has the password to. In the other end, the public eye assumes as truth anything presented on a screen. The ultimate place of exposure. “And what do you do…? You sit and watch.”, in Eye Spy.

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