Eye Spy

#EYE SPY / VIDEO ART / 2003 / PORTUGAL / 3’50” / COLOR / EN
Eye Spy is an experimental short film written and directed by Alexandra Mendes. An home-made, no-budget production. An experimentation with various machines that surround our everyday life: a handy cam, a living room tv, a video home system, a digital photo camera, a mini disc and a personal computer. The result is a layered visual display of information. An attempt to distract you as well as to gain your attention. You’ll sit and watch to a break of time, space and memory. You’ll be dared to follow a structure that’s already corrupted from the beginning. Entering a voyeuristic journey captured by the lenses, seduced by the voice of your own conscience. “And what do you do? You sit and watch.”

Direction & Production / Alexandra Mendes + Helena Silva
Script / Alexandra Mendes
Edition & Photography / Alexandra Mendes + Helena Silva
Actress / Pauline Cailliau
Voice-off / Alexandra Mendes
Music / Boards of Canada [Warprecords]

A pixel as a perfectly square dot.
A body as a perfect place.
A sign as a direction.
A machine as God.
A tv as a meeting point.
She’s on auto-pilot…

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