Love of a Dog

There was another dog in my dream tonight.
A dog with soft brown hair.
One of those so good you don’t ever want to stop petting.
With his muzzle reaching to meet my hand.
Surrounding me, as you do to somebody you love.
Everybody would say he likes me the most, because I touch him differently.

He was a proud dog,
One of those who have the kindness that makes them noble.
And tamed. Says his wet hair,
of one who would be out in the rain only to see something that would make it stop.
He would wait for anything that I wished to give him.
For in the midst of it all there was what he was looking for.

He would change his path to cross mine.
He doesn’t let go, while I keep going…
He walks two steps back just to see where I lead.
He doesn’t let me go…

I keep on diverting him, as you do to somebody you love.
I would rub my hand on his hair only when turning around corners.
For the turn, I would be in another room.
He always knows where I am. And finds me where I want to be.

I awoke up from my dream as soon as he opened his mouth.
My grandmother tells me dreaming with a dog means Love of a Man.

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