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When working on a branding project, either building a brand from scratch or working on a rebrand, the process always begins with research, analysis, strategy and planning. That’s the design thinking that will lead to create strong concepts and better implementations. Brand identity, logo design, house-style, packaging, collateral print material, campaigns easily follow through when starting with a strong brand concept that will guide us as a story-line. That’s the message we’re communicating! No matter own big or small is the project, I find this the most crucial part of the design practice.

Setting down with a client and listen to his aspirations, goals, motivations. Then thoughtfully involving them in the creative process, by righteously interpreting the briefing and adding positive input. The design thinking happens when all parts of this puzzle get placed on the table — brand history, business segment, market competition, aesthetic language, brand values and goals — and we start putting pieces together, making connections, eliminating paths, implementing choices, till the puzzle gets formed.

Branding also means managing team elements, managing efforts, managing the client — before, during and after the work starts — by being available, assertive and most of all having a vision.
I don’t have tricks up my sleeve or pre-prepared recipes. Drive and intuition will lead to new paths each time. Always looking for answers in improbable places! Perspective, open-mindedness and experimentation are key ingredients.

Branding is a practice directed to the people, as it translates, reflects and expresses society and its lifestyles. I don’t believe in making design objects empty in their value, the same way I don’t dive in shallow waters or endorse subjects that don’t speak to my heart. My drive is not the shape or form. It’s the word, the moving force of it all! By creating brand concepts we create independent entities that make us, as consumers, able to identify them and separate them from all the others in the market, by a process of recognition that will resonate.

This way I believe as designers we can create relevant, engaging messages that will communicate out to the world positive, provocative ideas. Whatever the medium used to express those ideas.
If we’re able to effectively reach people the result is powerful design objects and happy clients.
This way we can contribute to make sustainable businesses — help on the market growth and the economy that make the world go around — and touch people’s lives through getting them involved with our ideas. That’s something grand!

Blank serves the market as a white label — Design Thinking For Graphic Minds. Clients get in with aspirations and goals, those thoughts are processed by analyses, speculation and creative thinking, and the result are meaningful design objects that go back into the market to serve us all.

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