Blank studio

#iBook G3 + Power Mac G3 Cube. So retro!

#Stainless steel bookshelves and plastic laundry baskets made into poster bins.

#Custom made work table painted white.

#A letter-type from a local junkyard.

#Trash bin. Very Mac OS 9 Classic environment!

#Oh! chair “Think Pink”, by Karim Rashid.

#Vintage radio & turntable painted orange red.

#Blank frames from the local chinese supply store.

This studio marks the birth of Blank as a design concept. Located in downtown Porto, in the typical neighborhood of São Nicolau, in Ribeira (Riverside), with a particular good view to Rio Douro (Golden River) and the Porto wine cellars. A remodeled customs house building with wood floors and high ceilings, all painted white. During the day the studio gets filled with light! Throughout the night, the logos from the wine cellars on the opposite riverside shine the night away! Here Alexandra Mendes thought of “Blank” as a empty white space turned into a creative canvas. By filling in the blanks with fresh, challenging design solutions, Blank intends to bring content to the table. The aim is to communicate!

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