In Gold We Trust


Alexandra Mendes did the art direction and graphic design of the season greetings card for Belgian based design agency Creneau International. Designed to communicate to clients/partners in the Middle East & Western World, one unifying message of trust and confidence. To avoid messages lost in translation, pushing the envelope would have to be a little bit more literal.  I was set out to create a design that would be transversal, non-ofensive to certain sensibilities, but that still had a strong Ideas of the Anti-Ordinary stamp. The American dollar reads “In God We Trust.” We say, “In Gold We Trust.”Special production techniques enriches the project and help convey that message: gold foil paper, gold ink, embossing, wax seal. Gold has been a symbol of wealth and value throughout history. Symbolizes power, strength, wealth, warmth, happiness, love, hope, optimism, intelligence, justice, perfection. Middle East Gold happens to be very valuable and a highly beneficial long-term investment.
“So, in times like these, where value is a fickle thing, place your trust in what you know and keep the faith in who you trust!”

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