The day I found enlightenment at Jimmy Choo’s

Sono in ritiro spirituale a Barcellona, senza la mia cella per una settimana! This is a toughy… Una Principessa vera necessità di fuggire verso l’interno a certo punto!! …shopping, cooking, walking, shopping…

This is the diary of the day I found enlightenment at Jimmy Choo’s. Tonino Baliardo could be playing on the background when I get in and out of trains. Grabbing glances, elusive conversations…looks exchanged! Gitanos are playing on the sidewalk. Paseo de Gracia and all its Gucci’s, Armani’s, Louis Vuitton’s… I got in at Jimmy Choo’s. Looking for something that would grab my eye. Ended up talking shoes and life with an italian salesgirl in trouble with her argentinian boyfriend. She was sad of seeing days passing by from inside a shop-window and was eager to find an ‘arty-looking-girl-from-the-north-of-europe-that-can-speak-spanish-ohh-so-very-well’! Words come & go… And she also said something that spoke to me. An italian saying: “La Fortuna Favorisce L’Audace”! I got out of the store smiling, with no shoes. And just kept on walking, following the light!

Christmas decorations where already up, but not on. The day goes by, I get in & out of stores, I put something on & I take something off. My account gets emptier & my bag gets fuller. I had no time on me, so I noticed the day passed by when suddenly was dark.

Another sound grabbed my attention… A bunch of street performers, their instruments and their charm… I noticed the very charming one, the Bolivian one, the Italian one, other from Peru, Guatemala, Cuba and a Portuguese in the mix! There was talking and dancing… Amusement by the free-spirit way of living! Like there are no-worries, life is full & life is fast & life should be lived at large. No excuses, no get away easy, no fear. Take it as it comes and make the best with what you got! I instantly wished to be less dressed. And that is was less cold. And we could be dancing on the street. And then I would be somewhere else, with someone else…

I had to keep on walking, it would be a long way home still. At a sidewalk, when waiting for the light to go green, an old lady talks to me from the crowd. I was almost letting the light go red, mesmerized by the lighted fountain I was taking a picture off. ‘I love the light!’, I told her. We ended up walking together a few blocks. So easy to talk to, she felt like my grandmother. She told me she was a recent widow and her husband died from alzheimer. At the very end he couldn’t even remember her. She had no kids, but she was never lonely. She told me God is always with her. I told her we can feel that loneliness at every age. And I too carrie with me ‘Mio Angelo’. She told me not to worry about the future, life happens in the moment. We are never going to know how it’s going to be. She told me to enjoy it. She told me to be happy with what I have and not feel sad with what I don’t. She told me not to wait for tomorrow. Life happens at every moment of every day. She grabbed my hand and she kissed me sweetly. She was happy she got out of the house to find a friend in a foreign girl that spoke to her heart.

Even though Christmas decorations were off, I followed the light…and let myself be guided by all that sparkles!!

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